Hand-crafted with love

In our SCHAU AUF DI manufacture, all tasks are carried out by hand in order to carefully process the fabrics and components and achieve the highest quality.
All our products are hand-crafted, so we can do justice to the properties of the 100% natural raw ingredients and adjust the products to individual needs and requirements. Quality is our top priority. To guarantee these ultimate quality standards, SCHAU AUF DI only produces small batches.

Hand-picked ingredients
Our raw materials and ingredients are then turned into the precious products of the brands "Schau auf Di" and "Schau auf Mi".
What's in our name?
Using only natural raw materials and ingredients, lovingly hand-stirred and rigorously controlled, we try to pack our philosophy and way of life into our products. We want our ranges "Schau auf Di" and "Schau auf Mi" to stand for a healthy, happy lifestyle that is in tune with nature as well as socially responsible.
Our product packaging
Our organic cosmetics come in a wide variety of packaging. We put a lot of thought and care into our processes, using natural and recycled materials.
An overview of our products as well as a detailed description of the ingredients and active ingredients can be found in the SCHAU AUF DI online shop.

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